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Hello, welcome to Internet Optimized Marketing. Our Cambridge Marketing Agency specializes in internet advertising to generate more leads and increase your business’s revenue.

Marketing for your Business

If your business is not implementing internet marketing, then your competitors are poaching your potential customers and taking your money. The marketplace is undergoing massive changes right now. The internet has dramatically changed the way consumers shop and find their information. There are funnels of leads generated through paid advertising (PPC) and free organic traffic, take advantage of these outlets to increase your business’s revenue (see our services list below for more information).

Let Me Explain

Old fashion marketing outlets like billboards, phone book, and radio advertisements are becoming less efficient and are overly expensive. At first, these options may seem like a good idea, but old media outlets are no longer efficient and effective. When was the last time you flipped through a phone book? With all the streaming services available TV and radio ads are not reaching audiences they once were. What if your business is niche focused and you need to target a particular demographic and location?

Here's The Scoop...

The internet has made advertising extremely efficient and profitable. With internet advertising, you can now run marketing campaigns for as little or as much money as your business wants!  Google Adwords, Facebook & other social media advertisements are very lucrative solutions that produce immediate results. There is also Free advertising that targets audiences who are actively searching for your product or service (which leads to very high conversion rates).

Did You Say Free?

Free organic advertising such as search engine optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing are the foundations your business is built upon to grow and attract new customers. It is essential for your business to be as efficient and effective in your marketing campaigns as possible. Attract new customers cheaper than your competition.


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Services We Provide

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our services.

Google Adwords for Internet Marketing

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the engine that drives your business. Adwords is an advertising service for businesses that want to display various ads (text, image, video, mobile, shopping, call) across Google’s vast advertising network. We want to ensure you that you are hiring professionals for your Adwords campaigns, our agency is a certified partner by Google.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the hybrid advertising tool among all marketing channels. Within Facebook you can market abroad or hyper target audiences of specific ages, location, demographics, interests, job titles and on and on. This is the perfect place to start your advertising campaigns and is a must have for all businesses.

Facebook Advertising PPC Advertising
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the #1 free channel of advertising. Build the foundation for your business to grow and attract organic FREE traffic of potential customers that are already looking for your product or service. Having a solid SEO foundation in place is fundamental and will save your business thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands or even millions) in advertising every month. Everyone uses Google when they are in the moment of “want-to-know,” want-to-go,” “want-to-do,” and “want-to-buy”. Take advantage of this extremely powerful marketing strategy to save your business from spending thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the life blood of businesses. If your business does not have an email list it is like a body without blood, you are not being active and moving forward. Email marketing offers many tools and is still one of the best ways to increase your business’s revenue.

Email Marketing
Social Media Management for Internet Marketing

Social Media Management

We take care of the tedious work for you while you run your business. Social media is a very important to build engagement and trust with your customers. Niche relevant, high value and rare content will be created and managed by our team of social media experts. Your followers won’t be able to stop engaging with your social media accounts.

Website and Logo Design

Does your business need a website or new design? Our team of experienced designers have you covered. You want your website to look stylish and professional but also serve a purpose. The purpose of your website is ultimately to drive customers to your business, and that’s what we are best at.

Website Design