PPC with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising can help increase your business’s revenue without spending a lot of money. Facebook advertising allows you to target a very specific demographic or location and use custom ads; paying only for the ads that have been clicked. CPC can be a very efficient marketing strategy for Facebook ads.

Facebook ads appear directly in people’s News Feed or the right of their Facebook page – Allowing your market that is targeted to be reached out to by you directly. Advertising on Facebook allows you to gain comprehensive insight about your customers, both current and potential. With this data, improving your targeting becomes easier; making it possible for you to create an even more effective and efficient advertising experience.

Facebook is a giant when comparing influential social networks. Facebook advertising presents some benefits to both businesses and individuals looking for a greater reach.


With Facebook advertising, you get a lot of control over your ads to be as creative as you can imagine. With all this control it means that if an ad is not converting well, you can always switch up the ad with another one. There is so much flexibility when using these PPC ads; it may be beneficial to post new ads every week to see which ads are converting.

Better Audience Targeting

With Facebook marketing, there are so many features that you can use to target (I like to call it hyper-target) audiences. Find out the interests, demographics, locations, and any other details you can about the people that are buying your product or service. After collecting all the conversion data, use it to tailor ads to suit your targetted audience to get the high conversion rates.

Easily Split Test

Split testing is probably the one thing you should definitely incorporate in your marketing campaign. It is hard to have all the answers beforehand, so always experiment and test with new ads and audiences to find what is working and what is wasting money. Be an efficient ad machine, almost like a crazy scientist.


Different ads need to be targeted to different user platforms. Mobile and desktop ads generally will not convert the same. Get right down to nitty gritty analytics, it might take a few months to get it right but once you do your CPC will be a lot cheaper.

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