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If you are an e-commerce site or an online retailer, it is safe to say that maximizing your sales and profits is your bottom line. There are quite a few efficient and ethical marketing strategies out there that will increase the revenue of your business. There are some which have an annual or up-front cost, some you could be able to do yourself and others may require hiring an expert to help you.

Not All Traffic Is Good Traffic

The more targeted traffic you can generate without having to pay for PPC or advertising. Not only will you see better revenue but there will also be better margins. So that is the fundamental question: How do you get more targeted traffic to your website?

The word targeted is critical, yes you can build content that is intended for keywords in your industry which won’t convert for you or that you are not an expert in. You can start to rank with these; maybe you will receive more traffic and observe as your bounce rate increases more and more as your site receives visitors that immediately leave. That, however, is not targeted traffic.

You need to review your keywords as well as all their long tails that are relevant and best convert for your website. There should be naturally placed, never stuffed, keywords in your content in optimal places and on relevant pages. Your user experience should be improved, and internal linking was finished; optimize your tags and split testing.

How To Get Targeted Traffic

From the standpoint of SEO, you or perhaps an internal marketing agency researchers the keywords for your business and industry, these keywords must then be strategically placed on your websites. How is that done so that people can see and you can begin ranking as well as drawing in traffic?

Place your keywords in content that is unique. For example:
Blog Posts
Whiteboard Videos

Many other pieces of content can also drive in more traffic. Remember to keep your content unique after all you want to get traffic from this forever.

So what does adding all of these resources and content accomplish? You begin answering questions that online users are searching for to get more traffic. You will naturally start to rank for so many more keywords only because you are now becoming an authority in your industry. When you start sharing properties that are useful and resourceful, the will be shared, and you will naturally be linked to them.

This dear reader is what is called inbound marketing. Getting there can take a while and building an audience takes time so getting yourself out it is important. Do not think that a small blog post will get you tons of shares and many links from one day to the next, you must first pit work and energy into it.

Relationships Must Be Built

This is also referred to as doing outreach, however, do not think that this means emailing a couple of bloggers and editors hoping to get a one-off link. With original content, that would handle it; however, you want more than just that.

Eventually, you want them to naturally share or link your articles on occasion and hopefully even regularly if your content is good enough. With that being said, how does this happen? You first share theirs.

Find excellent resources they have done or written, look at how awesome they are and admire them for it, comment on them and also share them. Provide real insight on what you agreed with and what you disagreed with. When great content is created, and from that, you get authoritative links, you ranking will begin increasing, an evergreen effect will also occur with referral traffic coming from these sites.

Build Awareness of your Brand

Your company has to be put out there in niche-specific communities. Engage your business and yourself with social influencers and industry leaders and build relationships with them that are long term. Once you have created content, this makes it easier to refer to those links and share your content to their social followers or on their site.

If there are any magazines, trade publications, industry related organization or mediums, make contact. See if there is a certain topic they are looking to work on and offer to help out. Help a Reporter Out, more commonly known as HARO can contribute to finding experts that are looking for stories, pitch them your knowledge and ideas.

Regain Revenue

There is not a single e-commerce site that has not lost revenue. When a potential customer comes to a site, and they go to check out and a hidden cost appears of the UX is not to their liking, they just leave, that there is revenue that is lost. According to Listrak, around 73% of sales are lost to online retailers simply from shopping cart abandonment. So if your online e-commerce site is in need to better its user experience or its email marketing, it may be best to enlist the help of a service that can help you to regain that lost revenue.

The most important part of increasing online revenue is your website. If your site is not optimized for search engines, if your site is not mobile-friendly or one that offers great user experience, if no PR or online marketing is being done, then not only are you falling behind, you are losing potential revenue on a daily basis.

By taking these internet marketing tips into account, you will grow your revenue. If you cannot figure out how to optimize your website for search engines with a keyword that will convert for your business, then enlist the help of someone who can. Get your business right out in front and become an authority that is trusted in your industry.

Services We Provide

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our services.

Google Adwords for Internet Marketing

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the engine that drives your business. Adwords is an advertising service for businesses that want to display various ads (text, image, video, mobile, shopping, call) across Google’s vast advertising network. We want to ensure you that you are hiring professionals for your Adwords campaigns, our agency is a certified partner by Google.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the hybrid advertising tool among all marketing channels. Within Facebook you can market abroad or hyper target audiences of specific ages, location, demographics, interests, job titles and on and on. This is the perfect place to start your advertising campaigns and is a must have for all businesses.

Facebook Advertising PPC Advertising
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the #1 free channel of advertising. Build the foundation for your business to grow and attract organic FREE traffic of potential customers that are already looking for your product or service. Having a solid SEO foundation in place is fundamental and will save your business thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands or even millions) in advertising every month. Everyone uses Google when they are in the moment of “want-to-know,” want-to-go,” “want-to-do,” and “want-to-buy”. Take advantage of this extremely powerful marketing strategy to save your business from spending thousands of dollars in advertising costs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the life blood of businesses. If your business does not have an email list it is like a body without blood, you are not being active and moving forward. Email marketing offers many tools and is still one of the best ways to increase your business’s revenue.

Email Marketing
Social Media Management for Internet Marketing

Social Media Management

We take care of the tedious work for you while you run your business. Social media is a very important to build engagement and trust with your customers. Niche relevant, high value and rare content will be created and managed by our team of social media experts. Your followers won’t be able to stop engaging with your social media accounts.

Website and Logo Design

Does your business need a website or new design? Our team of experienced designers have you covered. You want your website to look stylish and professional but also serve a purpose. The purpose of your website is ultimately to drive customers to your business, and that’s what we are best at.

Website Design