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So, you want to write for my Internet Marketing Blog? Well, you had better bring you’re A-game. From the time this internet marketing agency began, we have been inundated with dozens of requests to write content for us, which is very flattering, of course. We are pleased to announce that moving forward; we shall consistently accept pitches and submissions for articles on topics in our niche. And so, if you have an excellent idea for any story related to internet marketing, SEO or a fresh web design idea, we would definitely love to hear it.

However, taking a look at a few of the pitches we have received in the past few months, we are a bit trepidatious about this since most of the submissions send to us were terrible. And, if not necessarily awful in their entirety, at least awful in a manner that they were mere templates and not written for our website, which is very lame.

That leads us to our Rules of Submission – please take time to read them before writing anything for us, since we take these rules seriously.

Rules For Submitting Your Article

1. Do not suck – This is not a platform to publish bad or non-unique content. If you are going to write an article for us, it has to embody excellent writing and great content as well. While our editors will probably help you a bit with the former, you must also be sure to give them something worth their time. In other words, what we are asking you is to take writing for our website seriously and try to put a lot of work into it.

2. Craft it for us – There is nothing as annoying as receiving a blanket pitch which you can easily tell was distributed to 20 other sites. If you give us such a pitch, none of your ideas will be considered, now or ever.

3. Make your content relevant – Please take time to familiarize yourself with our website’s back catalog. Try and learn the kind of articles we publish and the overall tonality in their writing. Every piece you submit on our website must be in line with our general feel, and whatever you write for us must adhere as strictly to our voice as possible.

4. Take your chances – Just because we have never published a piece on a particular internet marketing topic does not imply that we are not willing to do so; it probably means that we are yet to find the right person for the task. If you want to write an article on Google rankings, for instance, and you can craft it in a manner that our readers will relate to it and draw some value from it, then we will naturally find ourselves strongly considering that masterpiece. We are always looking to expand.

What Topics Does Our Internet Marketing Blog Cover?

For you to maximize the chances of getting your masterpieces published and reduce the amount of work we must do to get the article ready for our website, here are some of the topics you should focus on:


Web Design

Internet Marketing

• Google Adwords

• Pay Per Click

• Social Media Marketing

• Email Marketing

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