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The Value Of A Kitchener SEO Company

Hello, our Kitchener SEO company will rank your business on the first page of Google so you can generate more leads and increase your business’s revenue.

The Value of SEO For Your Business

Search engine optimization is a widely talked about topic, most people do not fully understand. If your company does not have an SEO foundation, you are losing potential customers to your competition every day. While SEO is exponentially profitable, you might not understand how effective search engine optimization can be.

Organic vs. Paid

There are different options you have when deciding to advertise online. You can use paid advertisements (PPC) such as AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other social media advertising. When using these options, you are paying a small amount every time someone views or clicks your ad. PPC is a good way to start advertising to get immediate results. You need to remember that when you stop spending paying for these ads the traffic and sales coming from them will start to dry up.

Our Kitchener SEO Agency offers a steady and sustained way of getting traffic, and that traffic is called organic traffic most commonly referred to as SEO. It’s the visitors that find you when they’re searching for something. You don’t pay any ongoing fees; it’s essentially free.

This traffic to your website is valuable because it is likely to lead to a conversion or sale. Google shows results that are relevant to what the user is looking to find. When your page displays at the top, it is very likely that your page is what they wanted to find. When a user clicks your link, they have a high ‘purchase intent,’ once they land on your site, they’re probably going to make a purchase, find directions, or call you. They are exactly the kind of visitors that you want coming to your website.

Why our Kitchener SEO Agency?

SEO involves on and off-page optimization. Let’s start with on-page. Your website should load fast and not require a lot of data to browse. Many viewers are using on their mobile devices, so it is important that your site is user-friendly, even on a cell phone.

Now let’s talk about off-page optimization. Your website should be liked amongst the famous sites, but trusted enough to be displayed by Google. Do not get loads of spam backlinks to your site and do not post duplicate content.

Years ago, you were able to rank in the search engines by purchasing spammy links from websites such as Fiverr. This method no longer works and will most likely get your site a penalty. You need to post quality content that is unique and engaging; stuff that other bloggers want to share with their viewers.

Writing product reviews, tutorials, and well-researched articles is an excellent way to get your content shared. Engaging with your audience, and running promotions are also ways to entice your audience to share your content.

Our SEO Agency in Kitchener will help execute creative ways to target a specific audience and will get your content shared from authoritative websites in your niche.

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