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Search engine optimization (SEO) enables your website to be found easily by buyers who are looking for your service or product. Google statistics of 100 billion searches a month is indicative of the importance of structuring your website in such as way that will be found on the first page of search engine results.

SEO will help your site to rank high by overcoming competition and position past the top sites in search engine results. One of the key ranking measures is proper keyword research that identifies key top 10 competitors and profitable keywords with search volumes from long tailed keywords. You will not be able to carry out a differentiation strategy if you can’t spy on competition and circumvent them with alternative profitable keywords.

SEO strategy is behind high ranking latent semantic indexed websites. Trust and authority weigh much heavier than on-page and off-page optimization when it comes to the search engines algorithm function. A site has to demonstrate power through the presence of a silo structure, expert keyword and phrases and related internal and external backlinking navigation to compel search engines drooling.

Backlinks are still important to SEO. A backlink functions as a vote of trust from another site, and it is still relevant post-Penguin and Panda changes. However, search engines look for quality backlinks and size no longer matters, only quality. Improper backlinking techniques will hurt your rankings.

A well-optimized site with quality unique content primed for maximum engagement is another addiction ranking-giving search robots can’t resist. Knowledge of how to balance H1, H2 and meta tags with engagement factors such as social signals, images, commentary, text formatting, paragraph spacing, video, above the fold marketing, sub headlines, lists, text highlights is essential.

Beat Google, Yahoo, and Bing at their own game by ensuring that your site represents the best relevant authority for searchers who are hungry for solutions through search engine optimization.

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