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If you have just created a website, and you would like to rank it on the search engines, you will need to implement a strategy called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is used every day by our expert consultants at our Waterloo SEO Agency. This is free traffic that you will get from very targeted visitors that are searching for products or services that you may offer. To achieve top rankings, you must implement several techniques to rank above the competition. It is also important to choose the proper keywords to target. Let’s begin with an overview of SEO, followed by keyword research strategies, and conclude with essential on-site and off-site optimization techniques that will help you rank on page 1, or even the number one position, for all of your most profitable keyword terms.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is divided up into two separate groups of strategies. These are called on-site and off-site optimization techniques. Our Waterloo SEO Agency can implement optimization. On-site optimization requires you to do a minimum of five separate things which include adding unique content to your website, adding images, adding videos, interlinking pages, and placing outbound links to authority sites on every post that you make. Off-site optimization is nothing more than building links on different websites, social media pages, or even online forums, each targeting a particular page on your site. If you get in the habit of doing this every day, you will start to notice that many of your pages are going to rank very high. You can also rank websites at the number one position for very specific keywords, allowing you to generate thousands of visitors per page each and every month. The key to making any of this work is proper keyword selection which is what we will discuss next.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is so imperative when it comes to getting results with SEO. Once you have done the research and you have found keywords that your target market will be searching for, keywords that have traffic, you can then begin the search engine optimization process. Our Waterloo Search Engine Optimization Agency will target the most optimal keywords for your products or niche.

Implementing On-Site Optimization Techniques

We have already stated that this involves five specific techniques, all of which pertain to your website. All on-site techniques are geared to motivate the search engine algorithms to consider indexing your site above all of the others. That is why using unique content makes so much sense. They will be more likely to index new content than content that can be found on multiple websites. Adding images and videos makes sense because it provides a much better user experience when visitors finally arrive on those pages. When interlinking your site, link pages within the category in which they are posted. Having this relevance will allow the search engine spiders to find and index your pages quickly, boosting your chances of ranking many of those pages. Finally, the reason that adding outbound links to authority sites is important because search engines trust these websites. These websites are in top positions because they are helping people find all of the content that they need by providing links to that information. When you do the same on your website, this will show the search engines that your site is associating with high quality, trusted sites. It’s all about implementing what works and what has stood the test of time.

Off-Site Optimization Techniques

There are different ways that you can get backlinks from relevant websites to help boost your search engine position. One way is to do a swap with site owners, but this is not something that I would recommend because it looks sketchy to Google. They don’t want to see links that are pointing to websites out of reciprocity. Backlinks to your sites that have no affiliation carry the most trust. Many SEO professionals will have networks of sites that they own, none of which are interconnected. They will place links on their websites for you if they are similar in content and feel that your page will add value to their audience. Posting valuable content will increase backlinks coming from other sites. Write articles about things that you are knowledgeable and passionate about, give as much value as you can for free.

In conclusion, our SEO Agency in Waterloo will be the best way to generate consistent traffic for your online business. You will not have to pay for every click that you receive, and this could save you thousands of dollars every year. Once you have achieved top rankings, it doesn’t take very much to maintain those rankings, especially with keywords that are not that competitive. Using these simple strategies, or if you would prefer, you can hire a professional SEO company to do your search engine optimization.